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Organization and management of translations

This is a new service, provided by our agency for translations and legalizations and it is still not-known among the other agencies and clients.

Not each company, bank, holding or other type of business have the necessary educated staff to organize the document and materials for translation. Sometimes the companies translate one and the same material several times because they don’t have personnel to keep eye on what translations have been made and which materials have to be translated. Not all people know what kind of documents have to be translated and if a certain material has to be translated first we check whether this document has not been already translated. If the material has been translated, we send it immediately. If only a part of the document has been translated, we translate only the missing part and we charge only the new translation.

Moreover, most of the companies and their personnel are not acquainted with the requirements for documents legalization. We consult them for free about how exactly the document has to look like and what kind of certifications to have in order to be translated and legalized. Most of our clients trusted us and assigned to us the organization of this part of their work. Thus we saved many nerves and resources of our clients. And, why to engage yourself with non-useful things, when you have the chance to assign this part of your work to us?

If you want the organization and translation of your materials to be made by specialists, contact as and we shall help you.